Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I came across a paper I'd written out from a class I took on writing. The idea of the paper is to get you thinking before you actually start writing your story. I find that this type of guide helps get the creative juices going so you can make notes about each of your characters and then start writing. I hope this helps you like it does me.

Writing 101

  1. Have a game plan: How many chapters?
  2. Use action instead of introspection to move story along.
  3. What are four or five moments that will occur in the plot?
  4. Can you think of at least two complications for each of these?
  5. Will complications push characters in ways to make them uncomfortable?
  6. What additional settings will these complications demand?
  7. Which character will be the protagonist?
  8. Which character will be most affected by the inciting event?
  9. Does this character have at least two major problems or anxieties in his life?
  10. Which offers the most for conflict and drama?
  11. How does this problem affect other characters? How will they react?
  12. Focus on the senses: images, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings.
  13. Identify story’s central idea.
  14. Solidify our character’s (protagonist) conflict with the plot.
  15. Decide the book’s focus (romance, mystery, historical, etc.).
  16. Ask: Why is this character behaving this way? Why would he be bitter (angry, sad, longing to go back, etc.) about his past?
  17. What if he makes a radically different decision at a crucial point in the plot?
  18. Start with these details: create characters, their lives and history, their likes and dislikes, family and friends. What do they look like?
  19. After this, begin your outline.

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