Sunday, June 17, 2018

Continuing the Story...

“Hey, Jade. What’s going on?”

Jade stammered, not sure of how to explain her situation. “Um…Phillip…I’m…well, you see…”

“Jade, spit it out. What’s the problem?”

“I’m in the hospital. They want to send me to the psychiatric ward.”


“Jade, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’ll get me out of here!”

“Okay, give me the facts. And be honest.”

Jade told him the entire story without embellishing on it. After she was done, she heard a large sigh from Phillip and knew she wasn’t going to hear what she’d hope for.

“You have to spend the seventy-four hours there. What you do and what they see from you will determine the outcome and their recommendations.”

“I see. So that’s it. I have to stay here.”

* * * *
I'm excited about the progress I'm making on this story. I'm planning on giving small snippets every time I post so you can see what's going on.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." J.R.R. Tolkien

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Excerpt From My New Novel

I wanted to share a small except from the new novel I'm working on. I haven't decided on a title yet, but "A Walk Through Hell and Back" has been my working title. Perhaps I'll change it a few times as this progresses. I'm sure you know what I mean. Your comments are appreciated

                                                                     * * * *

The nurse slipped through the sliding glass door and Jade heard the click of a lock as the door shut. I’m locked in here? What’s going on? Outside the door she could see a security guard hanging around, leaning against the desk at the nurse’s station. Jade eyes searched the room for her clothes, but didn’t see them. She wanted to get up and leave! But all she had on was a short, cotton gown that was open in the back. Her bra and panties were gone also. She wouldn’t get very far like this, even if she could get the door unlocked and avoid the waiting security guard.

The sliding glass door opened again. A tall man wearing blue scrubs and a while coat entered and stepped up to the computer attached to the wall in the room.
“I’m Doctor Gaele, one of the emergency room doctors. Let’s see…you arrived about two hours ago and it looks like you overdosed on insulin. Is that correct?”

Jade nodded, keeping silent. Her stomach knotted up as her hands clenched together.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I came across a paper I'd written out from a class I took on writing. The idea of the paper is to get you thinking before you actually start writing your story. I find that this type of guide helps get the creative juices going so you can make notes about each of your characters and then start writing. I hope this helps you like it does me.

Writing 101

  1. Have a game plan: How many chapters?
  2. Use action instead of introspection to move story along.
  3. What are four or five moments that will occur in the plot?
  4. Can you think of at least two complications for each of these?
  5. Will complications push characters in ways to make them uncomfortable?
  6. What additional settings will these complications demand?
  7. Which character will be the protagonist?
  8. Which character will be most affected by the inciting event?
  9. Does this character have at least two major problems or anxieties in his life?
  10. Which offers the most for conflict and drama?
  11. How does this problem affect other characters? How will they react?
  12. Focus on the senses: images, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings.
  13. Identify story’s central idea.
  14. Solidify our character’s (protagonist) conflict with the plot.
  15. Decide the book’s focus (romance, mystery, historical, etc.).
  16. Ask: Why is this character behaving this way? Why would he be bitter (angry, sad, longing to go back, etc.) about his past?
  17. What if he makes a radically different decision at a crucial point in the plot?
  18. Start with these details: create characters, their lives and history, their likes and dislikes, family and friends. What do they look like?
  19. After this, begin your outline.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ideas and Writing

Since I lost my file on the book I had started, I’ve decided not to try and re-write the story. Maybe it was fate (if you believe in that sort of thing), but I’ve decided to go back to what I know. After all, isn’t that the best writing?

I’m starting notes about my story and maybe a crude outline this afternoon and will be working on that for the next period of time. I’ll continue to keep you up to date on my progress. But for now, I have only got a germ of an idea and have to sort it out in my head. Hence the notes and an outline.

I’m excited about getting into a story after my hiatus from writing. I think I’ve grown and am ready to write a solid work from my own experiences. I wish each of you well as you work on your own activities, writing, music, art and each of what are your talents.

Until next time, keep using your talent. It gives you purpose, productivity and a sense of self-worth.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers come in many shapes and forms. There is the traditional mother and there are step-mothers, mothers with adopted children, mothers with animals that are like children (I personally know one) and many other ways to be a mother.
To all these people, or mothers, I wish you a happy mother's day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

File Corrutped!

I'm very upset today because my entire manuscript (not complete - 46,000 words) was on a thumb drive and when I went to retrieve it, the message was "File corrupted - unable to open."
Needless to say, I was beet red and ready to delete my computer! I've tried many different ways to recover this file, however, it seems it's a lost effort.

So much for back-up!

I don't relish the thought of starting over, but the one good thing is it'll be a complete re-write. Maybe the second time will be better than the first...who knows? I feel honored to be in the company of people like Hemmingway and others who have lost manuscripts. But it's a crummy club to belong to.
Time to stop and whining get busy! Either I start again on this or I start a completely new story. We shall see!

Thanks for listening to my rant!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Extraordianry Butterfly

Butterflies go through a “complete metamorphosis.” There are four stages to adulthood and depending on the type of butterfly, it may take anywhere from one month to a whole year.

 Stage One: A butterfly starts very small as an egg. It incubates and gets ready to hatch into a caterpillar.

 Stage Two: The caterpillar only stays at this stage for a short time and all they do is eat. Instantly, while they eat, they start to grow and expand.

 Stage Three: This is the coolest stage of a butterfly’s life. As soon as the caterpillar is done growing, they form themselves into a chrysalis. From the outside, the caterpillar looks as if it’s only resting, but inside it is rapidly changing. The old body parts are undergoing a remarkable transformation known as “metamorphosis.” After this is finished, it’s now ready for the final stage of the butterfly.

 Stage Four: When the caterpillar is completely changed, an adult butterfly will emerge. At first, both wings are soft and folded against its body and the butterfly is, as yet, unable to fly. After resting, it will pump blood into its wings in order to get them stronger and able to flap. The butterfly will usually master flying in about three to four hours and then off they go to give the world around them beauty and elegance.

 This cycle is much like the stages of growth in my life after my crisis and when I found hope through Compass House. I started out very small like the egg. My thoughts were “incubating” or changing as I started to grow.

Soon, I was like the caterpillar, where all I could do was eat (or seek and gain knowledge and understanding). This growth caused the most amazing change. This was an inward change, not seen by others. I was experiencing that “metamorphosis” where my entire thought process was rejuvenated. I became an individual who was looking forward to life. It’s really the best change because I was getting ready to become a butterfly. A shimmering example of my growth from beginning to now. Emerging from my cocoon and flapping my wings, I’m getting ready to explore my world while I allow those around me to see a new, positive and confident me. This is truly a “complete metamorphosis.”

(Compass House is a member of Clubhouse International, a place where those with a mental health diagnosis can go to experience hope, acceptance, non-judgment, empowerment, diversity and friendship. Compass House can help a person find dignity and growth at any level of their potential. It also helps fight the stigma that surrounds a mental health diagnosis. People from all walks of life have experienced symptoms of crisis, but because of this stigma, it prevents them from seeking the help they need. These people suffer greatly without some kind of uplifting assistance. This what Compass House is there for.)