Monday, April 13, 2015

Introducing: Galaxy Nomads

I'm happy to announce that I'm finished with my next book which is a sci-fi adventure through space. I will have the cover ready for revealing in about a month. This has been an exciting time and I had fun writing this novel. Here is a short blurb so you can get an idea about its contents.

Galaxy Nomads
Chronicles of the MacKenzie Clan

The MacKenzie clan is forced to flee from the devastating destruction of a supernova and is challenged to a ruthless game of survival by their nemesis. When all seems hopeless, a new generation arises to battle their enemies and stand in the gap. Will the MacKenzies survive betrayal, pirates and wormholes to the outer quadrants? Here they find a new race of people on the Patchouli planet where the female is Alpha. They learn wisdom from the mystics and seers on their jaunt through the universe and the mystics are paramount in reconciling two brothers to each other from across the galaxy. They experience love and hate in the Merridian sector when a prince is captured and must be rescued before a cruel cousin steals the throne. An epic read that will send you spiraling at warp speed through all the MacKenzie generations.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thoughts On Destiny

As much as we want, we can't go back in time and change those events that were pivotal points in our lives. Some events we look at as mistakes and they haunt us in our thoughts and dreams. But why obsess over them? And why try to cover up or try to re-write the past?

It would be better to create a new path now, and watch it change the future. That way we would be looking ahead to new horizons instead of being stuck looking back at what we cannot change in the past.

The choice is up to each individual and each person will live with their own design, be it making excuses or accepting responsibility for each step they take. My next step will be forward into an exciting new adventure called today.

"The action you chose will become the link in your destiny."