Monday, January 27, 2014

Do you have a writing schedule?

We've had some cold weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, it's winter and expected, but after an unusually bad snow early in December we've been having freezing weather until the last few days. Of course, I'm not a weather reporter, just someone who looks out the window and watches the sky. I like to sit out on my front porch and think about my stories. I get a lot of inspiration out there.

But with freezing weather and a nasty head cold, I've  been staying inside and pacing in circles. When I'm not trying to write, I've been watching movies and reading ebooks that have been recommended to me. It seems the days go by fast, even when I'm trying to write. I've decided it's because I've gotten out of my normal habits of writing in the morning and doing the rest in the evening.

Having a writing schedule is important for me. It keeps me disciplined and helps my train of thought. Some writers don't seem to need a schedule and can write whenever they feel like sitting down. But I find the my stories are less scattered and more cohesive when I'm sitting down ready to work each day. Right now I'm having to do a re-write on the beginning of a story I started because I wasn't staying with the story each day. The chapters didn't weave together in a smooth story and I found I was losing the sparkle of the main idea. But after I began the re-write, it started to flow in an even pace.

What I need now is a little more cold weather to keep me inside working on my book and I'll have the story in tip top condition. Between that and a good writing schedule, I should be able to finish this book in just a few months. Do you have a schedule for your writing? How does it work for you?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday To All!

January is a birthday month for my family. Not only is it a celebration time for my brother and sister, but it's also my birthday on the 23rd. I'm turning 62 years old and want everyone to know that I'm still feeling as young inside as when I was first in college learning about the world.

This birthday has special meaning to me. It's a reminder that time passes by whether we acknowledge it or not. I'm hoping to spend it working on my stories and then having a small celebration with my children. But no matter how I celebrate, I want to remember that time is so precious to me. I didn't realize this until just recently. It goes by fast and can't be recovered.

In my life I've studied music, nursing, psychology and writing. I'm a mother of three and a grandmother. I've traveled to Europe and Japan with orchestras and had the opportunity to explore many of the southern United States. With all these experiences, I'm hoping to spend the next few years writing and using my life experiences to create new and more interesting stories.

I want everyone to share my celebration with me. Remember, you're only as old as you think you are, even if your body complains and reminds you of your age. Take advantage of the time you have and don't squander it.

Time is the coin of your life. Learn to spend it wisely.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

It's time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group to have its monthly get-together. Posts are made the first Wednesday of the month (except for this month, because of the holiday). If you'd like to go to the IWSG blog to find other members, CLICK HERE.

I've had my own share of insecurities this past month. I'm wrestling with the last book in my Dragon Stone Trilogy and have found myself making revision after revision. The confidence I had when I started this trilogy seems to be dwindling and I find that I'm making excuses for not working on the story. Am I stuck? Is this what writer's block is all about? Somehow, I need to find the enthusiasm I had when I began the series. I know the story is inside me, screaming to get out.

I usually like my posts to be upbeat and full of introspection. But today I am unzipping the layers and letting you see inside. Many times, at the beginning of the year, I've made promises to myself. But this year, the only promise I'm making is to finish this book!

I hope your new year brings exciting things for you and many new friends. May your endeavors be fruitful and full of promise. See you next month!