Karen's Bio...

I’ve always been a storyteller, even when I was young. I loved to hear about strange worlds and new fantasies. When Star Trek was released, I remember my excitement at this new adventure. New worlds where anything was possible! It was like a flash of light that struck my imagination, giving me permission to create my own places and my own characters.
But life has a funny way of sending us on detours when we think we’re making a straight shot. I went to the university as a music major, learning about a different side of the creative arts. It allowed me to travel to Europe and Japan in the process, and I had a chance to meet with and learn about different cultures. I think this was a very important time for me, even though inside I was feeling lost and lonely. It widened my horizons and helped me see that people are different, but the same, around the world.
Having a family cured me of my loneliness, but I also learned about loss and devastation during this period of my life. Experiencing bad feelings, as well as good, has helped me as a writer. It helped me create well rounded characters with both bad and good in them.  
I’m excited about creating new characters and situations. My passion for storytelling hasn’t lessened over time; I believe it accelerated to a new level. We are only here in this life for a finite amount of time and I’d like to leave a bit of me behind when I depart.
My secret passion is people watching. Since I was in grade school I can remember standing back and observing different people in different situations. I would sit on the playground and watch the interactions. As I grew up I realized the players didn’t change much, except they were older in physical age. Some people were different, but most stayed the same.
The main thing I would like people to know is that I have fun when I write. I can stay in these special worlds for hours without realizing how much time has passed. I plan to continue to write for as long as I am able and hope that others will enjoy being there with me.

  • The Bryman School - Valedictorian - medical assisting
  • California State University Northridge - Studied Performing Arts for 3 years
  • Southern Oregon University - Graduated as Registered Nurse
  • Rogue Community College - Studied Writing for 2 years 
Books and Publications (Digital and/or Print)
  • Night Shift - Medical Anthology 2012
  • Damian of the Gods - Won 3rd place for short story in Dragon Knight's Chronicles 2014
  • Medieval Muse - 2012
  • Destination Earth - 2013
  • Call of the Dragon: Dragons of Mar Book 1 - 2013
  • The Puzzle Box: Dragons of Mar Book 2 -2014
  • Dragon's Fury: Dragons of Mar Book 3 - 2014
  • Galaxy Nomads: Chronicles of the MacKenzie Clan - 2015 


  1. I like knowing that you have fun when you write. That's the key to sticking with it in the long haul. Best of luck!
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

    1. Kathy: Thank you. I enjoy the challenge of creating a story and turning the plot into a surprise for the reader.