Friday, November 1, 2013

Realm's Faire and Joust Coming!

Just a reminder for everyone that the Realm's Faire and Joust is coming up the week of November 11-15th. M. Pax is hosting this event on her blog and it should be great fun!

I will have an excerpt from my new book Call of the Dragon featured on Friday, November 15th and I want to invite everyone to come on down and root for me. You can visit any day during the week and see all the different participants. Remember to tag me with my name, Sir Elias Tavish, dragon or spell.

To find her blog, go to: and plan to have some fun. Also, there are FREE giveaways each day of the faire, so get there early and post. See you there!


  1. Susan: Thanks! I hope to meet a lot of great people there!