Saturday, October 26, 2013

Updates: Call of the Dragon & Vacation Time

I'm anxiously awaiting my book cover for Call of the Dragon. My artist said it would be the end of the month, so I've been preparing my manuscript for release on Amazon and Smashwords in early November. The last minute details are being taken care of and soon I'll have Part 1 of the Dragon Stone Trilogy ready to go.

Call of the Dragon
Part 1
Dragon Stone Trilogy

A lone bell tolled in the eastern tower, announcing the death of the King. Elias Gargarin, stunned by the King’s sudden demise, lit a candle and mourned the loss of such a great ruler. A loyal servant to the sovereign house of Tavish, he watched with increasing alarm as Crown-Prince Rali prepared to take the throne. Squabbling and division ensued among the mages who served the crown. The old ways were denounced and forbidden. One by one, the mages who continued to perpetuate the old ways were executed as a new evil threatened the Kingdom of Mar. The King’s High Mage, Master Sebastian, was preparing to usurp the throne!
A single raven sped through the sky, dispatched to the Northern Mountains by one lone mage. Its quest: to seek out the council of dragons, in the fervent hope that it wasn’t too late. But the council had been decimated by another perpetrator. Only a single dragon was left to answer the call. He chose young Elias to be his rider; a poor commoner! But there were secrets to be revealed and a quest that only Elias could accomplish. Was he ready?

 Prepare to get your ebook at Amazon and Smashwords in November!


As the holiday season approaches, I'm finding that my daughter and I are beginning our preparations for a trek to Florida and Walt Disney World. Since I will be traveling in a wheelchair, I've discovered very little information about a traveler's experience with WDW and disabilities. Granted, there are the standard amenities available, but I've had to dig to find out how to get there with my oxygen and my wheelchair.

Example 1: Travelers with oxygen must be at the airport three hours ahead of time so airport security, TSA, can examine my oxygen concentrator to make sure it's not a bomb.

Example 2: A traveler with oxygen is required to carry enough batteries so they will have 1 1/2 the amount of oxygen for their required trip.

Example 3: At the moment WDW is undergoing a change for its disabled guests. They are throwing away the Guest Assistance Cards and implementing a new system called Disability Assistance Card (or something with those letters!). The new card requires the guest to get a new card each day so they can show it to any cast member at the ride they choose to go on. A time is written on the card and the guest can return at that time to ride the attraction. But they have to wait again when they get back to the ride! Okay Disney, it's time to work out the bugs!

I plan on gathering all the things I learn about traveling to the magical land of Disney by wheelchair and I will put them in a booklet for other travelers. For all my other readers, be patient. This is an important booklet for those traveling with a disability.


  1. What a great idea, to put all the info you gather into a booklet re traveling with a disability. When I googled "tips for traveling with a wheelchair" it came up with over a million "results". These might help with your booklet info:

  2. Thank you, Retta, for your observation. I'm hoping to make a booklet available that doesn't require looking in a million places. I've spent hours online checking airport regulations and then ground transportation. If I want to travel cross country, I need a survival booklet in one place.

  3. Sounds way more complicated than it should be. Have a safe, fun trip.

  4. Susan: Thanks. Once you get all the information gathered it gets easier.