The Dragons of Mar Trilogy

Call of the Dragon 
Book 1
Dragon Stone Trilogy

A young man is chosen by a magnificent dragon to become a dragon rider with the mission to save the kingdom of Mar. But the task has difficulties, because the prince of Mar has been kidnapped and replaced with a look-a-like. An evil mage is bent on making sure the prince disappears forever so he can rule Mar. Can all be restored and the evil mage deposed? On his journey the young man meets some interesting characters who help with his quest and become his lasting friends. Will he succeed? Can he create a riddle hard enough to stump an angry faerie that has his dragon chained in magic bonds? It’s up to one young man and his dragon to restore peace and order in the kingdom.

 The Puzzle Box
Book 2
Dragon Stone Trilogy

A fascinating old puzzle box is found by Ari, an apprentice to the King’s sword maker. The King claims ownership of the box, after hearing of its existence from a traveling magician. But the box gets stolen before Ari can return it to the King. There is a mad chase through the kingdom of Mar, with sabotage, kidnapping and murder, before the box finds its way to its rightful owner, a dragon from the Northern Country. Now Ari must do the dragon’s bidding in order to save Mar from an evil sorcerer who has come from another timeline to wreak havoc in the land. Will Ari have the courage and strength to stand up and fight? His experience in the Feast of Games, a battle of swordplay and skill, will send the sorcerer fleeing when his magic is overpowered. But then Ari must face his worst rival, the King’s son, on the battle field of the Games to regain his honor. The dragon, who has befriended him, accompanies him to the Feast of Games, where he watches as Ari accepts the challenge of a battle to the death. 

Dragon's Fury

Book 3

The Dragons of Mar

Darius is wanted by the King, a rogue sorcerer who has usurped the throne. Escaping arrest, he’s given a dragon stone and a dragon egg to guard. Not knowing what the dragon stone is, he tosses it in the bottom of his satchel and takes the egg to the desert, where the desert dwellers, the Zandir, place him under their protection. The dragon hatches and becomes a loyal friend and fierce protector to Darius. The Great One, Zandir’s voice of the gods, gives them a mission to save the kingdom of Mar. He reveals the well-kept secret that there is one left alive of the true King’s line. The young Queen of Mar has been in hiding among the Zandir but is unaware of her identity. The false King refuses to go quietly and is exposed as an evil sorcerer that has been traveling through the timelines, taking what he will. A mighty battle ensues, with dragon fire breaking the chain of magic and attacking the evil King. Who will win and who will escape from the growing forces of magic?

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