Friday, November 15, 2013

Call of the Dragon Available at Smashwords Today!

Call of the Dragon, Book 1 of the Dragon Stone Trilogy went live at Smashwords this morning! You can get a promotional free copy using this code: EF58S until December 15th. Get a copy for Christmas and enjoy reading it over the holidays.

Call of the Dragon

A young man is chosen by a magnificent dragon to become a dragon rider with the mission to save the kingdom of Mar. But the task has difficulties, because the prince of Mar has been kidnapped and replaced with a look-a-like. An evil mage is bent on making sure the prince disappears forever so he can rule Mar. Can all be restored and the evil mage deposed? On his journey the young man meets some interesting characters who help with his quest and become his lasting friends. Will he succeed? Can he create a riddle hard enough to stump an angry faerie that has his dragon chained in magic bonds? It’s up to one young man and his dragon to restore peace and order in the kingdom.

To get you copy, go HERE.


  1. Hi, Karen. CONGRATS on your latest release!

    I missed getting to the joust on Friday. How did you do?

  2. Susanne: Thanks! I got thoroughly jousted by 5pm. But I had a lot of fun!