Monday, November 25, 2013

To Be...Or...Not To Be?

I was reading a discussion about formatting e-books and began to feel like the smallest pea in the pod when I read all the different ways people choose to format their books. Some people rave over Scrivener and its ability to create chapters, notes and outlines. Others say a MacBook is the only way.

I have Word 2010 and it converts my documents into any of the necessary forms needed to create my book. Do I need a pdf? It does it. Html? That too! Granted, if I want an outline, I'll have to create my own, but there are enough bells and whistles that I haven't tried yet that it'll keep me busy until a new version pops up to take its place.

All in all, what you want is a finished product to take to the bank. Whatever device you use to write your story on, make sure that you write it. Be comfortable with your format, but don't be afraid to stretch and bend when something new comes around that might improve your writing. Personally, I'm waiting for a plug that you stick into your brain so all you do is think your story and it will get written!

What's your idea of an innovative change to your writing process? Do you use Scrivener? Would you change your format for something better or different? To be...or not?


  1. I work with what I'm comfortable with and don't need bells and whistles with it. I also have to use what is compatible with my publisher. They don't have Word2013 yet.

  2. Susan: I don't know too many people that have Word 2013 or if it would be worthwhile replacing what I have in 2010. Unless there were some real big changes.