Monday, September 30, 2013

Author Pages at Amazon

Here it is Monday morning and I'm sitting at my computer all jazzed about my new author page on Amazon. I decided to go visit it like any old joe would, and had a kick seeing it all put together. But then I noticed something I wanted to change and discovered it wasn't as easy finding it a second time as an author. Of course, that's probably because I write under my maiden name, but my legal name (and my amazon account) are different. But no big deal. I got it sorted out.

Why am I telling you my dear diary story? Because as authors, we need to avail ourselves of every platform that is open to us and Amazon offers this great page for free. I noticed that not all authors that I looked at had an author page. The more famous ones did, but if you are wanting to expand your horizons and don't have an author page at Amazon, here is an opportunity for you to get on board. Check it out!

Go to Amazon's author central HERE and sign up.

My author page is HERE or

Enjoy the rest of the day and keep writing!


  1. I recently made some updates on my author page. I have the different name thing going on also.

    1. Susan: I think it's like anything else, you have to learn to navigate the pages on the site. LOL!

  2. Your Amazon author page looks good. CONGRATS!