Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writing In First Person Point Of View

I've always been a little reticent to write in first person POV (point of view) because you only know what that one person knows and interperets. That is, unless you change POV at some time and the narration changes for a scene. But unless that is done carefully, it can confuse your readers and upset the flow of the story. What I'm interested in, is how to create a well rounded story with three dimensional characters in first person POV and still create tension and suspense.

Because of this curiosity, I've decided to break away from my usual third person POV and write a story in first person. For a new writer this can be a challenge, but no worries, I'm up to the task. I enjoy a challenge! I believe that it's important to step out of my comfort zone and experience a little tension and suspense in my life too.

So, if you want to expand yourself, try something new, or something you've been avoiding. Even if you don't do a perfect job the first time, you have succeeded because you have expanded your boundries and you have stretched your limits to add a new experience in your life.

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better." --- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." --- Einstein


  1. Oh, what great quotes. And the best part is... you are DOing them.

    I did that last night with an art project... I did it in a new, loose and fun way that was not my usual style. I had a brief panic... what if I ruin it??!! But it was exhilarating and fun and scary and joyful, all at the same time.

    Have fun adding this new skill to your writers tool kit.


  2. Thanks Rettakat! Isn't it great to step out and expand your horizons? I think the first time you try something you might not be very proficient at it, but practice make perfect!

    The biggest problem is finding a good story to write about!

  3. I need to write in the Third Person POV simply because I have a number of characters, good and bad, involved and using First Person isn't practical. I tried a few sections on my original draft and it was awkward and clumsy. So Third Person works better for my series.

    And thanks for your insightful comment at The Wistful Nebulae! I use greed in the series to help drive the conflict forward. Greed is such an ugly sin.

  4. Thank you Stephen for your comment. I am finding first person POV to be very limiting for the rest of my characters. I appreciate your openess and am finding the same problem. But, I will finish this short story with best intentions, in first person POV and then re-write it into third person to see it expand and open up to the rest of the characters. It's been an interesting challenge!

  5. I always pick 3rd person for a novel. I've written short stories in first person. Stepping outside our comfort zones is a good thing...stretch our wings.

  6. It is such a learning experience to try new things in writing! Exhausting, sometimes, but I have a lot of fun experimenting and seeing how things turn out and how my writing grows. I've written third person and first person, and I honestly don't know if I can say which is my favorite. They each have their own challenges and their own comforts.

  7. MPax: After my experiment with first person, I have to agree with you. To keep up a whole story in first person, you would have to create ways for all the information to be revealed. Also, you only see what that character sees.

    Welcome Laura! I agree with you when you say learning a new thing can be exhausting, but also fun.

    I'm trying new things because I tend to want to stay in my comfort zone and this is my way of breaking out.