Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A to Z Challenge in April

If you haven't signed up for the A to Z Challenge yet, you have until February 28th to get on board. This challenge, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, starts April 1st. We will be posting everyday, starting Sunday and with the letter A, then posting a letter through the alphabet each day. Alex also recommends visiting five blogs a day to get to know everyone.

A lot of people have signed up, so I'm expecting to meet a whole bunch of new people along the way. Come and join us and learn a new way to practice the alphabet!


  1. Oh, yay! Awesome that you're doing this. I'm participating, too. I did it last year and it was so much fun. I met so many awesome people.

  2. Hi Karen, I can really feel your enthusiasm in this post!
    Thank you for featuring the A to Z Challenge here - we appreciate the extra coverage.

    Cheers, Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  3. How great that you are jumping in with both feet... have fun with the challenge!

  4. Laura: How fun! I can't wait to see all the different topics...especially when we get to letters like Q and X! See ya there!

    Jenny: My apologies for missing the co-hosts. I'll be more careful in the future.

    Rettakat: I believe you've done a similar challenge in the past, haven't you? This is my first one that is for posting every day so it will take some discipline. Eek!!!

  5. Thanks for plugging the Challenge! It's going to be the best year ever.

  6. I signed up, though reluctantly so. BTW - I found you through Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group and am a new follower. Hope to see you around some time!

    1. thanks for the reminder! have to do that now :)

  7. Alex: I'm hoping to have a great time and if this is a way to help, why not?

    Nancy: Welcome aboard! I was happy to find Alex's group. He's teaching me to expound my boundries!

    Jeremy: Glad I could help and welcome!