Sunday, January 22, 2012

Are You Guilty Of "Kinda Sorta"?

Do your eyebrows stand up when someone gives you an almost answer? What is meant by that, is by saying things like: "It's almost a nice day outside." Well, is it or isn't it? Granted, there are varying degrees of everything, but if you find yourself speaking in almost, nearly, kinda sorta, and other degrees of truths, clean up your writing and see how much stronger it becomes.

Consider these two sentences: "He appeared to be dead." or "He was dead." Which one has the stronger connotation? Remember, decide what you want to say, then find the most powerful way to say it. Your writing will pop and will cause your readers to stay engrossed in your story. So, unless you kinda want to leave an ambiguous message, tell it like it is!

Quote for the day: "A poet can survive everything but a misprint." ~~ Oscar Wilde

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  1. Oh gee... I sorta like this post. Maybe I'll consider spiffing up my blog writing. It might coulda help, maybe... we'll see. ;-)

    (good points!)