Friday, June 5, 2015

Writer's Block?

Have you sat at your computer or writing tablet and stared at a blank page for the longest time, saying: "I'm stuck!"? Maybe you really are stuck, but be careful of those nefarious intrusions that creep in to become excuses not to write.

The phone- Just as a new idea pops into your head it rings and you need to deal with the latest crisis with a friend or neighbor. Unless you're expecting an important call, let it ring.

The door- This is another taskmaster. Who is it and how important is it? Decide to accept the UPS package, but then get back to work. Tell your neighbor you are working right now; this is your time to shine.

Housework- If you have set a block of time aside to write, let it go. It will still be waiting for you when you have finished creating your story.

Children- This is a tough one, depending on their ages. If they are young, schedule your writing time during their nap time or while they are at school. You can explain to older children about your work schedule and unless it's an emergency, they should work on their homework or hobbies. It's not always perfect, but they should coincide.

It's easy get side-tracked with all kinds of things that seem important at the time. How important is your writing? Perhaps a new schedule will help get you un-stuck and writing freely once again. Try it for at least a week before deciding it doesn't work. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. See what happens!


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  1. This really applies to many things, not just writing. Especially if you are not in the mood to do whatever it is, the distractions then become welcome.

    1. Jo: That's very true. Distractions become a two-way street. But when you have a deadline, you can't allow yourself the excuses. That could snowball into an unproductive session. I'm not saying be rigid, just pick and chose the important distractions.