Monday, June 29, 2015

My Sister Tells About Me!

My sister, Retta Stephenson, at Art By Retta, has spilled the beans on me! She includes an old time photo of our younger days and tells what we were like. If you have siblings then you know it can't all be good. But my sister tells the nitty-gritty, both good and bad. Go HERE to read about it.

Retta is an accomplished artist who designed more than one of my book covers. She designed the cover for Medieval Muse, Destination Earth and Galaxy Nomads: Chronicles of the MacKenzie Clan. Actually, on Destination Earth, she re-worked my attempt at creating my own cover.

Retta has work on her website HERE that is fantastic! She uses color to paint a scene that inspires my writing. I love looking at her paintings and her mascot VEVIE, who is in many of her Virtual Paintout Tour pictures.

I was delighted to reminisce with my sister and remember times that were days gone by. It's important to re-visit those days as a writer so I can have a feel for different ages in my stories. Thank you, sis, for bringing back the old days!


  1. Hmmm... so... for the sake of your stories, you re-visit those different ages. As Mr Spock would say: fascinating!

    Oh the stories I could tell, mwa ha ha ha! Let's see. I remember the times the 3 of us would go around putting metal slugs into the penny candy machines and.......

    1. Ah! But I figured out how to use paper instead of slugs! How terrible! I always loved my Barbie doll and the clothes we made for her. (I had to tell something normal so people wouldn't think we were warped as children)