Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Writer's Courage...

Recently I finished a short story aimed at being submitted in a contest that would create some exciting exposure for me. I found myself editing and picking at the manuscript over and over until I began to wonder what was bothering me about it. Suddenly I realized that there wasn't anything wrong with the story, I had edited it enough. It was my fear that was holding me back.

Writers need courage to expose themselves in their stories. Without it, they will pick away at their stories, editing and editing, never jumping over the fence into publication. Without courage, a writer can't delve to the depths of any story and flesh out the characters.

I'm taking my own advice and am submitting my story. Even if it is rejected, I know that I have done my best and will enjoy the excitement of the chase. With all the work I did on the story, it would be a waste not to submit it and get the experience from the competition.

Good luck to all you writers. Develop your courage and continue to engage in all those exciting submissions. We develop courage as we continue to stick our necks out there and hope for the best.


  1. I don't have much courage, although I went ahead to put my manuscripts on Amazon. I feel more afraid of my work being accepted by agents and what they might expect of me than being rejected. Fame really scares me. Perhaps I'll never get anywhere because I lack this courage.

    1. Admitting our shortcomings is courage of its own. Perhaps you'll develop more as you see your work on Amazon. Good luck!