Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Puzzle Box Is On Amazon!

My new e-book The Puzzle Box, Book 2, Dragon Stone Trilogy is up on Amazon for those of you who prefer it to Smashwords. You can go HERE to the book page at Amazon. For those that would like to go to Smashwords, you can click HERE. Enjoy the fantasy and adventure of this exciting book!

The Puzzle Box
Book 2
Dragon Stone Trilogy

A mad chase through the kingdom of Mar involves sabotage, kidnapping and murder, before Ari’s stolen puzzle box finds its way to its rightful owner, a dragon from the Northern Country. Now Ari must do the dragon’s bidding in order to save Mar from an evil sorcerer who has come from another timeline to wreak havoc in the land. Will Ari have the courage and strength to stand up and fight? His experience in the Feast of Games, a battle of swordplay and skill, will send the sorcerer fleeing when his magic is overpowered. But Ari must face his worst rival, the King’s son, on the battlefield of the Feast of Games. The dragon accompanies him to the Games, where he watches as Ari accepts the challenge of a battle to the death. Can Ari survive his opponent while the angry sorcerer spins his web?


  1. All the best with your new novel 'The Puzzle Box Book 2', Karen.
    The blurb is excellent. I'm hopeless at blurbs - and it's reminding me to re-do mine!
    I'm going to take a look at Smashwords now. Thank you for pointing me to this.

  2. Fanny: Thanks! I played with it for quite a while trying to get it right. Also, I let it sit and I came back to it with fresh eyes. Good luck with your blurb!