Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Dragon Stone Trilogy Continues!

Part 2 of the Dragon Stone Trilogy, The Puzzle Box is in its final edit and I'm happy to say will be published after the first of the New Year. The second book is an exciting ride about a young man's decision to seek after a box that might open new horizon's about magic. Up until now, magic was only something in his imagination and dragon's were only a myth. But he finds out that both are bound together and he must do the dragon's bidding in order to save the kingdom of Mar from tyranny.

Part 2 takes place many years after Part 1, Call of the Dragon, but the evil sorcerer has survived in another timeline where he is King. There is lots of action, sword fights and a chase through Mar for the puzzle box. Look for this new volume in January!


  1. Congratulations. What a great way to start the new year.

  2. Susan: Thank you! I'm diving in and getting this book finished first thing so I can finish writing the third book.