Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Book From M. K. Eidem

I want to introduce M. K. Eidem to you and her latest sensational book, Victoria's Challenge. Victoria was born on Earth, but at an early age watched her entire world explode from an evil attack aimed at finding her aunt Cassandra. But she and her aunt were the only survivors and now she's learning to live in another world where the only man she loves has challenged her beliefs in everything she thought was real. Is her love for him a fantasy? What happened to their bond? Victoria must struggle through to find herself. Will her true love be a part of that new life?

M. K. Eidem presents a rocking episode that glued me to the page. I'm not a fan of romance, but this seemed more like a sci-fi/fantasy/romance all mixed into one. If you've read the book preceding this in the Imperial Series, Cassandra's Challenge, you'll find the editing well done in this book.

I give this book five stars! I hope you put it on your reading list. It's available at Amazon and you can follow the link to it HERE. Enjoy!


  1. Karen, here is the IWSG link -

  2. Alex: Thanks! I didn't look there. Oops!