Sunday, May 13, 2012


My daughter called me today, reminding me of the official day set aside for celebrating mother's day. I thought that was nice to be remembered. As I sat remembering all those other days of the years gone by, I had to laugh and think of my own mother who once said: "Someday it'll turn around and be your turn." And it is.

It's my turn to remember my daughter sitting in the tiny backyard swimming pool, splashing with the hose and crying: "No! I don't want to get out and go inside! I'm not sleepy!" Or my daughter's first driving lesson. No, I won't repeat that one. How about the time all the dishes fell from the cabinet and came crashing down? Nope. No one said a word. But the best one was at high school graduation. I was very proud... all three times (I have three children).

There are too many memories to put down here. And all of them weren't good obviously, but we made it through and I'm proud of each one of you. So when you call me up and wish me a Happy Mother's Day, is it? You bet it is! It's a happy day every day I get to think of you. When you wish me well on this special day, I can only say I feel blessed to have had you three and my life is that much richer for it.

Happy Mother's Day to all you other mothers of people, pets and whatever else you have mothered and feel like it's your special day too!


  1. " It's a happy day every day I get to think of you. "

    What a touching post.

    I miss Momma today. :-}

    1. Rettakat: I got out the photos of Mom & John and had a sweet time remembering. How do you sum up Momma in one sentence? It's impossible except to say: You are loved. Yes, I miss Momma, too.

  2. What a sweet post.
    : )

    1. Susanne: Thank you! I hope your day was good, also.