Saturday, May 26, 2012

Excerpt From: The Chameleon Effect #2

You can read the part 1 by clicking HERE.

Chavez works for The Acquisitions and Restorations part of The Agency. His assignment is to find Kira and bring her to her home planet, Vega Minor. He finds her in a slave auction and wins the two minute bid. After picking her up from Epsilon 9, an asteroid that is actually a drop off and pick up point for Prison Planet 452, Chavez realizes that she's an unsuspecting pawn in a treacherous business being operated by the warden.

When they reached the ship, Kira glared at Chavez. His air of confidence didn't match with his messy black ponytail and cheap clothes. "Who are you?"
"Be quiet." Chavez knew she had a bug planted on her.
"I want to know what you're planning to do with me!" She stood with hands on hips and feet set apart, ready for any assault.
Chavez let her stand there while he started his engines and disengaged from the asteroid's interior. After they were underway, he manually set a course for Vega Minor and engaged the hyper-drive. Finally he turned to his stoic passenger, who continued to glare at him with icy blue eyes.
"If you want those chains off from your hands and feet, you'll have to agree to some rules."
"Go to hell."
"Fine. They stay on for now. Unbutton your blouse and hurry up." Chavez had no intention of doing anything illicit, but he needed to search her. He glanced at his chronometer. They were almost out of time.

"Not on your life! I may be a criminal and you may think you own me, but we're not going there!" Kira's hands clenched into fists and her shoulders hunched forward in a protective stance.

Chavez didn't have time to argue. He stepped forward and ripped the blouse off her front. His foot caught behind her knee, pulling her off balance and he pushed her to the floor onto her back. His hands grasped her shoulders and he flipped her over so she was face down. Pulling the back of her blouse down, he pushed her hair aside. There at the base of her neck was an automated beacon, a bug and tracking device to bring the warden's mercenaries after them. He pulled out the silver pin sticking up from her skin and threw it on the floor. Then, he quickly stood up and stepped on it, crushing the sensor into tiny particles.

Kira jumped up and grabbed her shredded blouse, attempting to cover herself. But Chavez walked over to a locker and grabbed a jumpsuit, tossing it to her. Then he released the cuffs from her hands and feet.

"You can change in there." He pointed to the toileting area that would afford her some privacy while they were on the ship's bridge. He couldn't take time to leave the bridge until he was sure they weren't being followed.

Before Kira closed the door to the toilet, she said, "You're awfully pushy, you know that?"

Chavez didn't look up from his screen. "And you talk too much." He continued to search the screen for the inevitable. The warden's mercenaries were out there, but Chavez didn't know where...


  1. "You're awfully pushy, you know that?"
    "And you talk too much."

    ha ha ha... I like this guy. Sounds like the start of a feisty romance to me. ;-)

    1. Rettakat: Ha Ha Ha! But NO SPOILERS! Sorry! :-)

  2. Yes I agree with Rettakat, Chavez wanted an excuse to get rough with Kira! Hehe. BTW, I've sent you a Versatile Blogger Award!

    Congratulations from Spacerguy