Friday, July 1, 2016

Sale at Smashwords!


Book lovers of all kinds! Smashwords is having a site wide sale during the month of July. You can get books for 50% or 25% or even FREE!

Included in this sale:

Call of the Dragon, Book 1, The Dragons of Mar Coupon: MZ57W Price: FREE

The Puzzle Box, Book 2, The Dragons of Mar Coupon: DC39V Price: FREE

Dragon's Fury, Book 3, The Dragon's of Mar Coupon: DT87N Price: $1.00

Galaxy Nomads, Chronicles of the MacKenzie Clan Coupon: SM46M Price: $1.00

To find these books at Smashwords, click on the title and it will take you straight to its page. To see other titles, click HERE.

Happy reading!


  1. So happy you got your computer going again! And congrats on such a smashing sale (hee hee).

    1. Thanks, Retta! It has been trial. Hopefully this will work.

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