Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Rules of Engagement

Marketing is said to be the Indie author's bread and butter, so I've been reading up on what I "should" be doing in order to get myself out there.

First of all, I'm supposed to be gathering all my friends on an email list so I can keep them up to date on my latest ideas and new books. Recently, I went to a website that wouldn't let me read anything until I "signed up". How rude is that? I think it should be the reader's choice. But, it was his website.

Another thing I'm supposed to be doing is convincing other blog owners to let me do guest posts. I never was one to blow my own horn, but to appear on someone's blog and say: "Hi! You need me!" just creeps me out. Maybe I need some lessons in self esteem.

But I am doing something right! I have a growing Twitter presence and have finally learned what a hashtag is: #amwriting or in my case, #amretweeting. You can find me on Twitter as @weetot52.

Another thing I exploring is the possibility of doing podcasts. I can put snippits of my stories on a podcast and let my readers enjoy listening to them. The one drawback to this idea is that it can be very time consuming and requires dedication.

All in all I'm moving in the right direction. Social media takes a lot of time and energy but will pay off in the end.

"To receive you must give first."


  1. You should maybe join the Insecure Writers Support Group. They are full of useful tips, for marketing, writing, and anything else a writer might need. There is a website plus many members publish a blog devoted to IWSG (once a month I think).

    1. Thanks Jo! I've been with IWSG for a long time but haven't been very active. I missed posting last month because of illness. I need to check in with the website.

  2. I'm always happy to do a short interview/shoutout for you on my blog. I've been growing my mailing list. Nick Stephenson? Is that who you're talking about? I'm reading a book on copy writing to up my game. There's so much to know.

    1. Mary: Thank you! I'll take you up on your offer. I was reading from Jonathan Gunson's book "22 Winning Traffic Tactics". Copywriting is a whole subject of its own that can take a lawyer to unravel.

  3. Holy moly, I could have written most of this post! Especially the one about trying to convince someone "Hi! You need me". That cracked me up, since I feel the same way.

    JUST this morning I read a great article from marketing expert Alyson Stanfield (for the arts, but I feel writers are in that category and a lot is applicable) and thought you'd enjoy a few snippets:

    -Selling has changed more in the last ten years than in the previous 100 years.

    -People share interactive content almost twice as much as other content.
    We should deliver experiences, not just communications. (I'd love to hear more on HOW to do that!?)

    -You do you. This was a recurring theme of the conference. Dan Pink said, “Be a better version of yourself.”

    -People don’t buy what you do or why you do it, they buy how it makes them feel.

    -80% of sales are made on the 5th through 11th contact with someone.

    -Difference is better than better. What makes you different?
    Competition is a brutal way to make a living. Be different instead.

    -Be bold to the point of being savage. (not sure about the savage part, but agree with the BOLD part!)

    -Do one thing. And then another. And another.

    It was a fascinating article. It contained a link to a free marketing personality assessment. I took it for fun, and was flabbergasted at how accurate it was!! Here's the article:

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for your interview with the famous Mary Pax!

    1. Retta: Thanks for the interesting information and the link. I like the part about being different. Maybe I can't cut off my ear like one painter did, but I think doing something different is better than being blah normal.

      I want to take that personality assessment also!