Saturday, May 2, 2015

Galaxy Nomads Cover Reveal!

Here it is! The cover for my new epic book has arrived. The artwork was done by a very talented artist, Loretta "Retta" Stephenson. She can be found at both her sites: and

Galaxy Nomads will be on and by June 1st. Look for my announcements here and get a special discount coupon.

Galaxy Nomads
Chronicles of the MacKenzie Clan

The MacKenzie clan is forced to flee from the devastating destruction of a supernova and is challenged to a ruthless game of survival. When all seems hopeless, a new generation arises to battle their worst enemy in a unique battle of wits. Will the MacKenzies survive betrayal, pirates and wormholes to the outer quadrants? Here they find a new race of people on the Patchouli planet where the female is Alpha. They learn wisdom from the mystics and seers on their jaunt through the universe and from across the galaxy two brothers are reconciled to each other. They experience love and hate in the Merridian sector when a prince is abducted and must be rescued before a cruel cousin steals the throne. An epic read that will send you spiraling at warp speed through all the MacKenzie generations.


  1. Great cover and sounds like a really good story.

    1. Jo: Thank you! I think Retta did a fantastic job depicting my story on the cover. It was fun to write and I'm happy to say it's finally finished with all the editing. I just need to do the formatting.

  2. I beta read for people if you need any help. Not a professional but I've done it for several authors.

  3. I'm so happy you like the cover. It was a fun one to do!