Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back To The Drawing Board!

I've just finished the first draft of my book Call of the Dragon and I've realized that my main character (MC) is lacking something that my readers can grab on to and say: Yep! I can relate to that! I thought because he was unhappy about his situation in life and wanted it changed, it would be good enough. But without a real outstanding character flaw, his character comes off as just so-so.

I plan on re-writing my novel and re-structuring it so my MC will have more of a challenge at getting what he wants and he'll have a character flaw he must overcome in order to reach his goal. While I'm not looking forward to that kind of major overhaul after finishing the draft, at least I can say it'll be easier to do it now than when I get all finished with the book.

Have any of you ever had major overhauls on your manuscripts that seem insurmountable? I like to think positive about it and say that it can only make my story that much more sensational to the reader and much more palatable in the long run.

An edit today means one less tomorrow!



  1. Ah, so you need a Save the Cat moment. I now sit and think how to give each character one what has a POV in the book.

    I did a lot of rewriting with my first novels that remain unpublished on my hard drive. As I go on, I find I do less. I hope that means I'm learning. :)

  2. Good luck. It's great that you recognized it and are coming up with ways to fix it.