Monday, May 20, 2013

A Bright Idea!

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Have you ever had a bright idea for a story that kept you up until all hours, but you still didn't get all the pieces put together? That's where I'm at right now. I've realized that my niche is definitely YA Fantasy and Science Fiction and have decided to gear my stories for that group.

That said, I'll go back to my crackling idea. It's like this tree up above. It starts out with bare branches going this way and that, and the leaves and blossoms begin to grow. With nurturing and watering (and a lot of research), those blossoms bud into fruit. But I have to be careful at this stage, because the fruit can be attacked by insects (bad ideas) and it will fall off the tree, dead. In other words, trying to merge bad ideas with the good ones and coming up with bland, sand-in-your-mouth ideas.

Over watering (too many ideas) can cause the fruit to rot and fall off also. That's why I need just the right amount of water and fertilizer to make the story come alive. I'm excited with all my ideas, so what I'm doing is making a list of all the ideas on 3x5 cards, so I can shuffle them around and decide which ones to keep.

So what's a good idea, as opposed to a rotten one? I suppose I'd have to say if it cracks with energy and sparkles with excitement, I'll keep it. But, some of those bad ideas have merit also. Not everything in life is hunky dory, 100% A-1 okay. There are those spooky, unsettled moments that are just as important in a story. By making a list of all my ideas I can weed out the extraneous material and work with the rest.

How do you set up a story? Is it part of your regular plan, or do you just get in there and write?

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