Friday, April 13, 2012

L for Labyrinth

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A labyrinth is a place constructed of or filled with confusing intricate passageways. It's sometimes confused with a maze.

I like this word because it reminds me of constructing a story. When I'm writing, I like to take the plot and make twists and turns to make the story interesting. In a true labyrinth of the early periods, there was one way in and the twists and turns would eventually lead you to the center. These were usually used for prayer or meditation.

The labyrinth differs from the maze because in a maze you have more than one entrance and the twists and turns can end up leading to a dead end. When I am writing my stories, I have to be careful that my twists and turns don't lead to a dead end, but they need to be on the continuous path that leads to the end of the story.

How is your story progressing? Are you in a labyrinth or a maze? Does your story get stuck at a dead end? Or do the corners lead to sharp twists and turns, but still find their way to the center, or the end of the story?


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  2. I never knew the difference between a labyrinth and a maze... what a cool analogy!

    1. Rettakat: There are, of course, other kinds of labyrinths I didn't mention, that aren't traditional,like the meditation and prayer labyrinths. They can have confusing twists and turns that look more like a maze.

      Also, some say the words are interchangable, but the descriptions are so different I don't see how.

  3. I like the sound of the word labyrinth... and your extended analogy is apt.