Thursday, April 12, 2012

K for Karen

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! You can visit the Home Page HERE.

Since today is the letter "K", I'm introducing you to Karen Elizabeth Brown. I spend a lot of time writing about topics that are of interest to myself and others, but today I'm writing about me! I promise not to bore you with all those extraneous details, just the facts that make up my life.

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which is a part of Los Angeles, California. My first "publication" was in a writing journal printed by the teacher of my tenth grade English class. It was titled "The Black Box". It didn't win me any awards, nor did it push me into a writing career at the time. What it did do was make me realize that I could take the world as I saw it in my imagination and re-create it into something fascinating.

Writing became a hobby, but was put on hold while I studied music, spent time chanting as a Buddhist, then got married and had three beautiful children. After that, I decided to become a Registered Nurse and I worked nights at the local hospital. But it eventually ended, as all things do, and I fell back into writing.

My writing started out with attempts at journaling, then short stories, then longer ones and finally a four part book, The MacKenzie Chronicles, which is in the re-write process at this time. My sister is Loretta Stephenson (Art By Retta) and she is working on the book covers for the four stories and also the cover for Medieval Muse, a shorter story that will be offered as a free read in August.

You've heard about me, now how about you? What are you working on? Do you remember your first story? Let me hear from you!


  1. My favorite story of all time was one I "told", but neglected to write down. It was to a group of children, and I called it "The Land Where There Was No Time".

    I made it up on the spot, and it sort of took off, surprising me right along with them as it went, with the vivid details and characters and action. I loved it!

    But my blunder was to not write it down immediately when I got home, and it has sort of faded over time (ha ha, yes, a real pun).

    But I still remember the affect that fun and imaginative story had on them and me. We were transported away, totally involved and enthralled, for over half an hour. And with a dozen wiggly children of varying ages, that's sumpthin!

    The power of a good yarn is amazing!

    I'm not a "writer", so I have the highest regard for those of you that can sit down and do this at will. :-)

    1. Rettakat: I had forgotten that you used to tell stories! It's too bad you didn't write them down. Then you'd have your own illustrated children's book. Now that's something I think is pretty amazing - being able to do the artwork! So right back at ya!