Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

As 2015 opens up, I decided not to make a whole lot of resolutions that I would stare at on a list and probably not finish. I like making lists when I have a job to get done, but not wish lists that I know I won't complete. Instead, I chose to use this thought, Be Inspired, as my motto for the year.

Allowing myself to be inspired frees my creativity and gives me freedom to try new things. I know that as the new year opens I'm refreshed to push forward and finish my stories I've been working on and start new ones as they come to me.

An example of being inspired came to me when I received a large pair of hoop earrings that I thought I'd never wear. But I decided to try them on. When I did, I felt as if I'd accomplished a new look and was excited about it. With this new feeling, I'm sitting here writing this blog post while I'm inspired to continue on this new year. Sometimes change causes inspiration. Now I'm ready to write.

I hope each one of you becomes inspired this new year and finds your own path throughout the year. If it's writing or painting, may you be inspired! Have a Happy New Year!


  1. Ooh, I love your motto for the new year!

    I love to look up words in the thesaurus, to get their full flavor. And this one, Inspired, has some amazing nuances (which I'll bet you already looked up):

    ...stimulate, motivate, encourage, energize, galvanize, animate, fire, awaken, prompt, ignite, trigger, kindle, produce, bring out...

    I'm inspired just reading those! Happy New Year, Karen.

    1. Retta: The word that I like best is "ignite". It gives me a picture of something exploding into the air at a great speed. My brain could ignite as it explodes with ideas for new stories. Thank you for these lovely words!

  2. Great motto for 2015. Happy New Year!

    1. Susanne: Thank you! I wrote it on a paper and hung it on my wall.