Saturday, April 5, 2014

Essences, Plants and Herbs

Today is day five in the A to Z April Challenge and the letter E is up for us to expound upon. This challenge is a blog hop for the entire month of April and has over a 1000 participants. To go to the main webpage, click HERE.

Essences, Plants and Herbs

In fantasy stories, many mages and sorcerers use essences, plants and herbs for their spells and potions. Here is a short list of plants and their uses.

Acacia: sacred to Diana; used to commune with spirits.
Angelica: sacred to Sophia; restores harmony.
Cinnamon: attracts lovers, health and luck.
Irish Moss: place under your rug for the "luck of the Irish."
Laurel: good luck, worn by victors.
Mandrake: hold the root as you conjure to strengthen spells.
Myrtle: sacred to Artemis.
Patchouli: sacred to Pan.
Rose: sacred to Diana.
Rosemary: offers protection; worn by pagan warriors into battle.
Vervain: sacred to Venus; used to banish evil.
Violet: sacred to the Fairy Queen.
Witches' Broom: purifies water.

I used Patchouli in a sci/fi story, written far in the future. There are numerous uses for these items when you use your imagination. I hope this was informative. What essences, plants and herbs have you used?


  1. When one is cooking the use of plants and herbs is essential to make a meal taste right IMHOP anyway. I love it when characters in books use the plants for medicines.

    1. By the look of your beautiful blog you seem very inventive with herbs and spices. It looks like you make mouth-watering dishes.

  2. I've used five of those plants in my fantasy novels. I have a few reference books I keep on my desk.

    1. Susan: Aren't reference books great? I don't know what I'd do without them.