Monday, February 25, 2013

A Writing Exercise...

Have you ever sat down to your computer and discovered that your mind was as blank as this monitor? Did you say to yourself: "Duh, I've got nothing!" Here's a little exercise that will titillate your brain and bring words to the surface as fast as a rocket firing from Saturn to beyond the Sun.

1. Calm yourself. It's only an exercise.

2. Begin with a fresh piece of paper and pencil or pen, which ever you are comfortable with.

3. Forget about that piece you've been grueling over, this is going to be fun!

4. Write about your favorite memory. The one that made you laugh or cry. The one that meant the most.
    Write at least a full paragraph, until you feel the words start to flow easily.

5. After that, switch over to that difficult scene and write all about the scenery. Then characterize it. Soon
    you'll find the entire scene coming together with all the bells and whistles. Add dialogue.

Did you wake up from your slumber and find the kinks in your scene? Sometimes stepping away and clearing your mind of the demanding stuff and replacing it with something relaxing is all it takes to open up the pores of the mind. Then your mind will sweat out all that is needed to create a winning scene. It's a simple exercise, but it works for me!

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