Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ode To The End of School

I've been rushing like a crazy man, trying to get my writing project ready for its final submission for my Imaginative Writing Class. That happens this Friday and then I will celebrate summer vacation!

I'd like to share these poems with you. They are the results of the poetry section of my class. I hope you enjoy them.


Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs
At my home and happy like a young prince
I reigned alone shrouded by the canopy of my robe
And Excalibur allowed me great golden days
As I wore my regal crown
So the whole world would bow to me as I approached.

I strutted proud as a peacock wherever I went
And I opened my plumes to the ladies
But they mocked me with laughter like howling hyenas
My face burned in fury as I pretended not to notice my gnawing pain
All these creatures continued to make jests of me
Until the hurt weighed like an anchor of a thousand tons.

All day long I planned their demise
Those cackling hens with their shallow minds
I drew my sword and chose my target
From before me
All was colored in deep crimson
As I went to sleep my crown felt tainted with their blood.

When I awoke I breathed in the fresh breath of morning
That would obliterate the acts of yesterday's strife
I crossed myself and bowed my head but who would hear the prince
Except I myself - to which I knew I would never die.

The Shadows

Creeping slowly, never speaking
Moving closer bit by bit
Stealing daylight, fingers forming
Nightly pictures of fairies swarming
Telling secrets, ghostly patterns
Casting shadows on the wall
Dreamscapes gloomy blackness falling
Stop. My urgent pleading calls, but
Violent streams of moonlight teeming
Veiled with darkness the shadows come.

The Old Man

Shuffling slowly, steps unsure
Hands gripped tight in fear
Graying head, fading eyes, his
Voice cracked with time
Another day in foggy mindset
Memory dry as kindling
Reaching back into his thoughts
Of days, of weeks, of years...
A smile breaks forth to
No one else. He remembers.


  1. Karen, I bet you are ready for summer vacation!

    1. Alex: Yes, I've been ready for summer for a few weeks now. Even though I'm enjoying my class, the routine of getting there and doing the homework has been tedious. Of course, by the end of summer I'll be ready to get back to the grind. Yep, I'm taking another class!

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks for sharing the poems. Yay to summer vacation!

    1. Susanne: I'm looking forward to a restful summer. We have the umbrella up on the patio furniture and the hummingbird feeder is full. Now a glass of lemonade and I'm all set!

  3. Yay on summer vacation. Those poems are amazing.

    1. Thank you! I had fun with them. Now to have fun with my vacation.